Life expressed simply

Fifteen years ago I stepped into a rather startling and somewhat unexpected spiritual quest…at least for me. It began when, in the depths of pneumonia, I was visited by an angel/presence/entity call it what you want. It intensified six years ago when I picked up a pendulum and fell apart two years ago with what I can only call “a mystical ” experience.

Since that event I found parts of me that had been smothered (leading to an amicable and refreshing divorce) but I also found that there is a deeper expression of “me” which is no different/the same as everybody else before experiences occur. It is an understanding that once defined – described – given birth to through words, cannot be fully understood by others – is misinterpreted. It is as if every explanation, every spiritual understanding, every religious viewpoint is bullshit (sorry but best word possible) and yet it is this bullshit which nourishes the most beautiful flowers.¬† There is no “Truth”…yet –¬†truth exists.

I had been blogging about this over the last few years and it now seems trite. Who cares about what “I” experienced? We seem to be overflowing with personal experiences that have become the “right” answers – all in contradiction with the other. Since for every “right” there must be a “wrong”. I’d like to move beyond that. I’d still like to express myself but in a way that doesn’t create division. And to do that, I will write poetry.

So, if you happen to read any of my entries, please comment, and be blunt! I no longer take life personally.

Scott Benner

May 11, 2013 – I have privatized my entries for now.